Hi, I'm James!

I’m a software developer living in San Francisco and currently working at Stripe on Terminal.

I’m interested in how people interact with technology, and I want to make interfacing with the digital world simpler and more intuitive through the software I create.

I majored in Computer Science at Bowdoin College. I was the digital director of the Bowdoin Orient, the weekly student-run newspaper. The website I created and the design work I led helps thousands of people read articles written by our amazing journalists.

I was also the captain of the Northern Bites, Bowdoin’s RoboCup Soccer team. Our autonomous soccer-playing robots came in ninth place in the RoboCup SPL World Cup in Leipzig, Germany in 2016.

In the summer of 2017, I worked with Okta as a software engineering intern on their mobile development team. I added Touch ID sign-on to Okta Mobile for iOS and carried out a major overhaul of the app’s networking framework.

In the summer of 2018, I interned on the mobile team at Stripe, giving the Stripe Dashboard iOS app a better Balances interface and fixing other small issues. They liked me and I liked them (a lot), so I went back full-time the following year.


I’d love to get in touch. Shoot me an email at jameslittle230 (it’s at gmail dot com). I’m also on various places on the internet:


This site is built using Jekyll and (mostly) coded by hand. It’s hosted on Netlify and the source code can be found on Github. The fonts are currently Freight Sans, Freight Display, and Novel Mono, but that’s subject to change when my Adobe subscription lapses.