Isolation-Based Scene Generation

My senior thesis describing a synthetic data generation method for training machine-learning object detectors.

THTR: Theater Diary App

An iOS app for remembering the theater performances you go see. Lets you write reviews, give ratings, take pictures and more.

PenguinEgg: Encrypted Chat

A real-time peer-to-peer encrypted online chat. Built with the goal of being as easy to use as Facebook Messenger is and as secure as Facebook Messenger isn't.

Bowdoin Orient Online

The Bowdoin Orient is Bowdoin's campus-run newspaper. I completely overhauled our website, making a bespoke WordPress theme following design conventions set forth by our print redesign.

RoboCup Logger App

This app connects to an Aldebaran Nao robot and streams data from the robots' two cameras to an iPhone. The app decodes bitmap data to save and display the camera's view in real-time.

Bowdoin Housing Quiz

An online quiz that uses interactive graphics to tell you where you can—and are likely to—live at Bowdoin next year.

Other projects

(that didn't deserve a whole writeup)