Bowdoin Housing Quiz

An online quiz that uses interactive graphics to tell you where you can—and are likely to—live at Bowdoin next year.

When: Spring 2017 Platform: Web My work: Design and implementation

The Bowdoin College lottery for on-campus housing is complex. The different housing options blend together, and deciding where you might want to live is challenging due to the different requirements of each option. This web app, published for the Bowdoin Orient, allows readers to input some information. It then transforms an interactive campus map into a color-coded visualization of which housing options are available to you, and which options you’re most likely to get into.

This project was completed within the weekly news cycle, and was a collaboration with a friend who worked on the Bowdoin Orient’s data desk. We analyzed past living and lottery data to correlate housing with class year. We used SVG to build an interactive map that fit the Orient’s design guidelines, then embedded it in our WordPress site.

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