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Bowdoin Orient Online

The Bowdoin Orient is Bowdoin's campus-run newspaper. I completely overhauled our website, making a bespoke WordPress theme following design conventions set forth by our print redesign.

Web Design and implementation 2017

The redesign of the Bowdoin Orient's website was one of the biggest projects I've ever undertaken. Built on WordPress, the site uses a custom-built theme along with some plugins specific for how the Orient handles photographers, authors, and our home page. I implemented the entire site—the design, the theme, the server management—by myself over the course of a year.

In a drive towards modernization, standardization, and versatility, I led the paper through a visual redesign that permeated every aspect of the paper's visual design. We started with new fonts: Chronicle Display and Verlag, both by Hoefler & Co. We used these fonts to establish new standards for headlines and other visual elements, eventually using these fonts to drive the design for the entire paper.

The first effort of our rebranding started with our website. In moving to WordPress, we were able to think about the categorization and presentation of articles and other journalistic efforts, and we designed the website around these new projects like interactive, long-form, and serial stories. The web redesign also let us invent new visual elements that would eventually become part of the Orient's brand.

The website was launched in March 2017, and the corresponding print redesign was first published in September 2017. It represents a new step forward for the Orient, letting design and content work together across digital and physical spheres.

Made by James Little between 2016 and 2020.