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THTR: Theater Diary App

An iOS app for remembering the theater performances you go see. Lets you write reviews, give ratings, take pictures and more.

iOS Design and implementation 2019

THTR came from a research question posed by Professor Sarah Bay-Cheng at Bowdoin. Her research centered around the mediatization of different aspects of a performance: the amount of media present in the time, space, and bodily elements of a show. We originally envisioned an app that would let theater-goers rate performances via these distortions; in aggregate, these ratings would provide members of the Bowdoin College Dept. of Theater and Dance with data about the mediatization levels of many different shows.

The app evolved as development progressed. The team eventually realized that the app worked similarly to a diary, in which users would record their impressions of shows to remember them later. We leaned into this aspect of the app, and it eventually turned into a journal, in which people could take pictures, record thoughts, give ratings, and register shows with our central database as well as provide distortion information about the performance.

The ultimate goal of the app was to share these reviews and be able to see a timeline of friends' reviews. My involvement ended after nine months of development. Fernando Nascimento and Sarah Bay-Cheng took over the project in June 2019.

Made by James Little between 2016 and 2020.