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Bowdoin's Article about my Honors Project

This is old as heck!

We are all learning as we grow, and I wrote this over a year ago. My opinions have likely changed, the advice I give here might not be relevant anymore, and anything technical might be wildly outdated.

TL;DR: Bowdoin wrote about me! →

Rebecca Goldfine of the Bowdoin Communications Office wrote a really nice piece about my honors project, where I've been working on synthetic training data for ML models. I'm really thrilled that they wanted to show off my work!

I've been keeping an online lab notebook for my project all year -- you can visit that site to explore what I've been doing in more detail.

Who am I?

I'm James Little, a web and iOS developer in San Francisco. I'm currently working on Stripe Terminal.

Made by James Little between 2016 and 2020.