Thanks for visiting my website! If you want, please sign my guestbook (ya know, like it's 2007)!


woa, guestbook,, so cool,,,


Found this website through Stork which. Wanted to say I'm really enjoying reading through your blog. I'll be in Cambridge in Jan for an internship and would love to grab a coffee!


is this a coincidence?


thank you for stork :)


Nice work! Such nostalgia seeing a guestbook on a site (albeit built in a very modern way!)


Love the "retro" sensibility of the guestbook!


Love the animation in the nav when searching ~ nice site you have here!


Cool site and great idea to have a guestbook!


Hey James! I found my way here from a rabbit hole 🐰 I am subscribed to Andrew Healy’s newsletter and went to his GitHub to check out the latest post project and found you by chance! Awesome blog posts - they’re super readable, interesting, and more concise than my UX cases studies! Something I can learn from 👏🏼

Tucker Gordon

Hey James! Found my way here from your twitter. Really cool stuff and love the idea of the guestbook!

Jonathan Seagull


Clifford Fajardo

I found your blog via your github repo for "Stork Search". Awesome code & blog as well!

Danny Little

S3 bucket go brrr


This is great! I found you via stork and am impressed with all of your other projects. Stay rad :)

Steven Xu

[object Object] no I'm just kidding! warm hello from Bowdoin!


Guestbooks were a forgotten part of my childhood. Thanks for bringing them back in such a neat form. 😃

Andrew Healey

I haven’t seen guestbooks in a long time! They should make a comeback ☺️

Alex G

Hi James! Thought I'd stop by and say hi :)


Great blog post! I agree Jamstack can be, ugh, such a pain for the little stuff. Excited to see the geocities-style hit counter next :)


Hi from a previous fellow intern!


Dan J has a career as a hacker!

Dan J

You tricked me... passing the date as a client-side parameter meant I thought I could override it. Oh well. 😜 Also, looks like I forgot to add the `javascript:` scheme to my url, and now it's relative to your site? 🤷‍♂️

Dan J
alert("Hello fellow human")

I got here before Edwin! Or did I? Also, hello James!