Stork in the News


I've been lucky enough to be able to talk about Stork Search in two different settings this month!

The first was a developer interview as part of's Q&A series. In this series, founders David and Max expand on entries in their developer tools newsletter by talking to the people who build these tools to learn more about the project and about how they work. It was a really fun interview, and I got to talk about my desk setup a bit and nerd out about the tools I use, which was fun!

The second was a presentation as part of' tech talk series. In this hour-long talk, I presented Stork to an audience of mostly the team, but also to a few guests! I talked about the backstory of the project, about the niche which Stork occupies and the problem it's trying to solve, and I got to deep-dive into the architecture of the code. I ended up putting the slides and a text version of the talk on a new section of this site.

I'm really grateful for both opportunities to talk about Stork! Thanks to David (from and Boris (from Fission) for reaching out and giving me a place to speak.

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I'm James Little, a software engineer and design enthusiast based in Cambridge, MA. I work at Stripe on the Docs team, and I build a web search tool called Stork Search.