Welcome to my website! A lot of websites long ago (like, 2007) had guestbooks: a place to sign your name and write a note and let the webmaster (again, 2007) know that you made it.

So I made my site a guestbook. If you made it here, whether I know you or not, write something down!

I also wrote about how I made this, if you're into that sort of thing.



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  • Hey James! Found my way here from your twitter. Really cool stuff and love the idea of the guestbook!



  • I found your blog via your github repo for "Stork Search". Awesome code & blog as well!

  • S3 bucket go brrr


    This is great! I found you via stork and am impressed with all of your other projects. Stay rad :)

  • [object Object] no I'm just kidding! warm hello from Bowdoin!


    Guestbooks were a forgotten part of my childhood. Thanks for bringing them back in such a neat form. 😃


    I haven’t seen guestbooks in a long time! They should make a comeback ☺️


    Hi James! Thought I'd stop by and say hi :)

  • Great blog post! I agree Jamstack can be, ugh, such a pain for the little stuff. Excited to see the geocities-style hit counter next :)

  • Hi from a previous fellow intern!

  • Dan J has a career as a hacker!

  • You tricked me... passing the date as a client-side parameter meant I thought I could override it. Oh well. 😜 Also, looks like I forgot to add the `javascript:` scheme to my url, and now it's relative to your site? 🤷‍♂️

  • alert("Hello fellow human")

    I got here before Edwin! Or did I? Also, hello James!

  • I made it, I’m here!

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